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Welcome to the @SaludTribal #TribalHealth community

Our goal is to empower you towards INTEGRAL WELL-BEING, with coherence and compassion, so that you can take charge of your health.

We are excited to share with you The dōTERRA Lifestyle!

As you know, dōTERRA is an extraordinary company that puts all its energy and heart into the pursuit of optimal health (physical, mental, emotional, and financial).

dōTERRA has a deep focus on reducing toxins, on the maximum purity of all its products, and the well-being of the local communities where these are produced.

At @SaludTribal #TribalHealth we've been focused on growing and building a solid team, aligned in the common well-being, which allows us to support and assist each other with compassion and wisdom.

We invite you to enjoy a series of tools that we put at your disposal to empower you on the uses and benefits of essential oils :-)

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